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Hit and Run Bunny - My Little Corner of the World
Hit and Run Bunny
Stanford era. John POV

John and Dean got seperated (John split?). They're supposed to meet, but Dean's a no show. Dean's cell phone goes straight to voicemail. John's a little pissy for Dean's lateness, but he just sits around in a diner, looking for his next case, lining up Dean's next case, maybe even calling someone to check up on Sam.

And then the news comes on, and they're reporting a hit and run. It was a bad one; a car hit 3 people and drove off. 1 died, another one in critical condition. Police is asking for public's help in locating the driver, and in identifying the John Doe who's in critical condition - a male in his early twenties, short blond hair, firm build, about 6' tall, and John is out the door before the report is even done.

Tries Dean's cell one more time as he drives over to the hospital, but the message now says the phone's out of service, and John's freaking out.

Gets to the hospital all PapaBear, asking to see the accident victim, says it could be his son. The hospital staff is all sympathetic, saying the boy's in a really bad shape, that John has to prepare himself, say his goodbyes, and John's about to lose it. They bring him to the ICU, and he nearly passes out when he sees the young man hooked up to all the tubes, with a machine breathing for him. The guy's face is nearly unidentifyable, but it doesn't matter. John knows. He'd always know, no matter what.

They give John what they found of his personal items, but John refuses to take them. It's not his son. It's not Dean.

Even with all the blood and the machines, this boy doesn't have the scars that Dean has. His hair is too long. He is the right age, his colors match, but it is not his son.

He nearly collapses with relief. Keeps trying Dean's phone, but the message is the same - out of service.

Dean calls him the next day from two states over. Says he's sorry he skipped out on the meeting but the hunt went longer, and he lost his phone. John's so grateful just to hear Dean's voice that he doesn't care. Asks where Dean is, if he's hurt, and drives over to see his son. To make sure nothing's happened to him. To make sure nothing will.

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