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Master fic list - My Little Corner of the World
Master fic list
Hi, and welcome to my master fic list.

I will do my best to keep this list updated, but just in case, all my fics are also in my
delicious account, which is updated regularly.

All my stories are GEN, and some were only posted on ffn.


Confession  W/C - 2K
He can't say any of this to Sammy. He's gotta keep his game face on. But sometimes, you just have to talk to somebody. Set in S3.

Dean, Tell Me a Story  W/C - 2K
Wee!Chester. Sammy just wouldn't go to sleep...

Doomed  W/C - 2.3K
Humor. I'm telling you, Sammy, we're totally doomed...

Metallicar  W/C - 1.7K
Everyone keeps forgetting, but the Winchesters actually have another member of their family.

Sam's City  W/C - under 1K
They're moving again, and 4 year old Sammy really wants to visit the city that was named after him.

Stubborn  W/C - 3.6K
Outside POV. He just wanted to quit, said it would make everyone's life a lot simpler.

The Assignment  W/C - 2.6K
Dean got the easiest assignment at school. He would finish it in ten minutes, and then he won't have to lie to his dad about doing his homework. Only, it wasn't that easy an assignment.

The Last Moments   W/C - under 1K
Future!fic, dark. "So this is it, huh? Do or die," Dean said, looking at the horizon.

There's No Escape  W/C - under 1K
John centered. Post AHBL2. People say 'Hell', like they know what it means...

Untitled W/C - under 1K
Responce to picture challenge on spnwriterlounge . Sam and John having a father-son moment.

Untitled W/C - under 1K
Humorous "missing scene" from Changing Channels

Episode Related

Fight or Flight  W/C - under 1K
John's POV as he sat by Dean's side in IMToD.

Post 'Hunted' ficlet  W/C - under 1K
Sam couldn't quite put his finger on what was bothering him about the motel room, but something at the back of his head was screaming at him 'this is wrong'.

Promise Me  W/C - 2.6K
It was a quiet car ride. Too quiet. The only sound in the car coming from the tiny splutters of rain against the roof and windows. Tag for 'Playthings'

Countdown   W/C - under 1K
Bobby centered. Post AHBL2. Bobby's a "little" angry about the deal Dean's made...

Break  W/C - 4.4K
Tag for 4.16. All he wanted was rest. A little bit of time to catch his breath and pull himself together. Instead he has to carry the weight of the world on a back that's already broken.

It's the End of the World (As We Know It)   W/C - under 1K
A missing scene from 4.20. Dean makes a phone call.


All Over Again (part 1, part 2) W/C - 4K (total)
A teen!Chester fic. Dean is losing his mother all over again...

And the Ground Shook   W/C - 68K
John is faced with his worst nightmare. And now he has to fix everything. One thing's for sure, Dean is NEVER hunting solo again...
Where it all started >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> 5 >> 6 >> 7 >> 8 >> 9 >> 10 >> 11 >> 12 >> 13 >> 14 >> 15 >> 16 >> 17 >> 18 >> 19 >> 20 >> 21 >> Epilogue

Deamons of Past and Present (19 chapters) W/C - 40K
Takes place immediately after s1 finale. The ceiling Demon wasn't the only demon chasing the Winchesters. It was simply the first one to get to them. But now, another wants to claim a Winchester...

I Wanna Know Why (24 chapters) W/C - 85K
I wanna know why you killed my mom and Jess. I wanna know what it is you want from me! Well, careful, Sammy. Sometimes, not knowing is so much better, because once you know, you can't take it back.

Just a Kid  (4 chapters) W/C -  11K
Sam just wants to be a regular kid, and Dean lets him. No matter the cost.

Losing (9 chapters)  W/C - 20K
John came very close to losing his children more than once.

Picking Up Where We Left Off   W/C - 50K+
Twenty five years ago, a demon killed Mary Winchester and tainted her son. Six years ago, someone drugged and abducted Dean Winchester. Nine months ago, one of a yellow eyed demon's tainted kids killed Sam Winchester. A few days later, the gates to hell opened, and all hell broke loose. And now, everything's picking up where it left off.....
Where it all started >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> 5 >> 6 >> 7 >> 8 >> 9a >> 9b >> 10 >> 11 >> 12 >> 13 

Seven Days (part 1, part 2) W/C - 11K
Seven days. A week. It changed everything and nothing at all...

Doubt  W/C - 18K
One day, Sam shows up at Dean's house, claiming Dean's been missing for two weeks...
Chapter 1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> 5a >> 5b

Triage  W/C - WIP
Sometimes you think you made the right call, only to realize you've made a really big mistake...
Where it all started >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> 5 >> 6 >> 7 >> 8 >> 9 >> 10

Picture Perfect 'Verse
This is a wee!Chester 'verse, mostly concerning wee!Dean. The stories that happen after the fire are called Faded Memories of a Picture Perfect.

There was life there, once W/C - 2K
1980. Baby Dean is having fun with his parents at the park.

Just Another Day of Normal  W/C - 2K
1981. What the title says...

Bathtime W/C - 2K
1982. Wee!Dean? Well, he really, really doesn't like to have his hair washed...

Untitled W/C - 2K
1982. Wee!Dean came home from preschool early and wants to spend the afternoon with his parents at the park...

The New Neighbors  W/C -1.7K
"Dean, no!" Mary snapped just as the boy was about to dip his chubby fingers into the pie she was holding in her other hand. "This is for our new neighbors."

The New Baby W/C - 1K
1983. Wee!Dean is feeling a little insecure because of the new baby.

Out of Our Element
Water - November 2nd, 1983 started as a normal, pleasent evening... W/C - 2K
Fire - The fire, as seen from Dean's POV. W/C - 2.6K

Faded Memories of a Picture Perfect

November 3rd - The first few days after the fire. W/C - 1.7K 

Untitled   W/C - 4K
1983-1984. The first few months following Mary's death.

Watching Over You - W/C - 2.7K
"I'll tell you who else had faith like that. Mom. She used to tell me when she tucked me in that angels were watching over us. In fact, that was the last thing she ever said to me." (Dean Winchester, Houses of the Holy)

Soap Bubble Rain  W/C - 2.4K
1985. John just wanted to spend a day with his boys.

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